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Why Buy A Wool Blanket?

If you are in the market for blankets, I hope you are considering Australian Wool Blankets. Not only are they insanely comfortable, but they are also naturally hypoallergenic and have insulating properties that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, did I mention they are naturally fire-resistant? If you have allergies, the wool may be just what your doctor ordered! Australian Wool Blankets are not only great to use during sleep, but they also make terrific throws to use when watching TV or to read books.

Wool Is Warm

Wool has been used as a blanket for centuries because it is a natural insulator. It can keep you warm even in cold weather, thanks to its ability to trap air and provide a barrier against wind chill. Wool is also non-allergenic, so it will not irritate your skin or cause rashes. Some wool blankets have been treated with fire retardants to help prevent them from igniting if they catch on fire. However, many manufacturers still recommend treating your wool blanket periodically with flame retardant spray to be safe.

Wool Is Biodegradable 

Many people are under the impression that wool blankets cannot be composted. This is not true. It is important to know that some types of wool blankets, like wool dryer balls, are biodegradable because they are made with 100% pure new wool and are not treated with chemicals or pesticides. 100% Pure New Wool does not contain lanolin or any other animal fats or oils that would prevent them from being composted.

australian wool blankets
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Wool Keeps You Dry

One of wool’s many benefits is its natural moisture-wicking ability. Wool fibres are semi-permeable, which means air can flow freely through them, while water vapour cannot. Wool will absorb moisture at one end while releasing it at another, preventing sweat and body odour buildup on your bedding. With less condensation on your blankets, you will not wake up with damp sheets or clammy pyjamas in the morning. You can breathe easy knowing that you are sleeping warm and dry! It is hard to do either when surrounded by wetness! Since wool helps to keep you dry, it also helps to keep dust mites at bay—a huge bonus for those who suffer from allergies.

Wool Does Not Smell

Have you ever had a wool sweater that smells bad even after multiple washes? Not only is it not an attractive smell, but it isn’t very pleasant. Well, that is why you should buy a wool blanket for your bed. Australian Wool Blankets are known never to smell, no matter how many times they are washed. Therefore, unlike most synthetic blankets that are prone to stinking up your room after months of use, wool blankets will maintain their scent-free reputation for years! In addition, even if you do manage to get them dirty somehow (you sleep in mud on purpose?), washing them will be as easy as running them through your washing machine on cold and air-drying.

Wool Adds Texture And Quality

When you touch a wool blanket, it is soft and fluffy. Wool is known for adding texture to bedding and provides a luxurious feel to any bedroom. Beyond its soft feel, wool can also naturally help regulate your body temperature, so you never wake up too hot or too cold again. It is particularly significant for those who tend to be cold-natured or sensitive to overly warm blankets at night. No matter what season of the year it is, wool is an excellent option if you shop for new bedding with warmth in mind!

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