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Hats bring out a sophisticated look in a person. They make a person appear calm and collected. Akubra is one of the trusted, owned, and made Australian brands that have been in business for over 120 years. It is one of the significant Horseland’s major product partners.

Akubra hats are perfect for protecting you against harsh climatic conditions. They offer comfort and security. Akubra ensures that their hats are made using the roan sheepskin’s best quality. It ensures that the legacy created for over 120 years is maintained and implemented. This is great; the hat is known for quality, and instead of people asking for a hat, they typically call it ‘An Akubra.’

Akubra hats are made from high-quality materials. It is handled more than 60 times before production is finished. This ensures that every single hat is made of the best quality. Akubra ensures that the best handling is done to ensure that the hat maintains high quality.

The Akubra hat is created for a rough and unpredictable Australian outdoor climate. It is made using materials that can withstand outdoor weather and climate.

Akubra hats
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Akubra hats are durable and exceptional looking.  The Australian sun is harsh and Akubra hats help protect against it. It is made from the finest roan sheepskin and offers comfort and security.

Ensure you rest the Akubra hat on its crown upside down on a flat surface like a shelf or table, as resting on the brim can cause the Akubra hat to pull out of proportion. Akubra Hats are adaptable, conform to a difference in shape when worn for some time. It comes in different sizes to suit your head, and always ensure that the purchase a hat that is the correct size for your head.

The Akubra hat is of top-notch quality with flawless design. It has perfected making this hat for over 117 years and still maintains the same standards. It has a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

The Western hat ranges between $119.99 to $230. For example, the Arena Hat features a broad, tall, upswept, and has a center-creased western crown. It is designed for a cowboy, like a Rodeo circuit rider. It has a satin lining and a braided horse hair tail band.

The Country Hats are priced between $240 and $205. The Coober Pedy Hat, for example, is made from a satin lining, eyelet vents and features a Kangaroo Tail Band with Authentic Australian Opal. Akubra also has lifestyle hats that are priced between $215 and $135.


A hat is essential, great for appearing stylish, and excellent for protection. They give the person wearing a sense of identity. Akubra hat offer this sense of belonging. They make you feel content that you are protected from harsh climatic conditions.

The Akubra hat’s fantastic feature is that it will give you more years of wear on it if you ensure that you take care of it. It is durable and worth every penny. This is because you do not need to spend so much more on another hat in the near future because of wear and tear. When taken good care of, An Akubra will serve you well for more years.

When you order online, remember all orders are shipped within1-2 business days above $150 attracts free standard shipping and is automatically applied at checkout. A $12.95  flat standard shipping rate is charged on all orders Australia-wide.

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