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The ZT 0450CF: Dimensions And Blade Specifications

The Zt 0450cf features a 7.375-inch overall length, a 3.25-inch blade, and weighs only 2.45 ounces. The 0450CF, like any Zero Tolerance Knife, is made in the United States.

The 0450 and 0450CF were designed in response to the knife industry. Zero Tolerance is known for its massive, over packed knives, but they provided advice that no one wanted to carry a big, noisy pocket knife around with them. The 0450 was the first to hit the market, and the ZT 0450CF improved on it by substituting the titanium display side grip with carbon fibre. This reduced the 0450’s already modest weight by nearly half an ounce. This, my friends, is a perfect EDC knife in my opinion.

The 0450CF has the same low-slung knife that proved the 0454CF so popular when it first came out. It’s a long, slim adapted drop point blade with a little tummy and a lot of tip. The knife has a beautiful wedge and a high flat grind. A semi-glossy black DLC coating has been applied to the knife. The edge has been fitted evenly, and there is a honing choil on the blade so you can simply sharpen it from tip to heels.

zt 0450cf
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The blade steel used by ZT is S35VN. S35VN is well-known among regular visitors to the site and users of high-end blades. It’s a greater stainless steel from Crucible that Chris Reeve helped create specifically for knives. It’s a superb all-around blade steel for tiny pocket knives like this because it has a nice blend of edge durability, durability, and sharpening ease.  You will enjoy S35VN in general, and the heat treatment on this 0450CF was excellent. Like always, if you want to learn more about blade steel, visit our knife section for more information.

In terms of functionality, the Zt 0450cf Zero Tolerance Knife is a capable cutter. The blade form is ideal for getting underneath envelopes, breaking down boxes, chopping fruit, and all the other odd jobs my EDC knives are required to undertake. Having said that, I must concur with experts that this knife isn’t the best cutter. The partial smooth grind allows material to bind. It’s not an Alox Cadet, but it cuts. This is arguably the knife’s worst flaw in my opinion.

The S35VN blade, as well as the Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) covering, has performed admirably. DLC coatings are one of the finest money could buy, and this Zero ToleranceKnife will hold up nicely unless you scratch it on concrete or metal.

Ergonomics, Handle, And Pocket Clip

On the show side, the 0450CF’s grip is a solid piece of carbon fibre, and on the flip, a black DLC covered titantium framelock. Two green steel standoffs and a large pivot hold the blade together. The design is simple but attractive. Except for the green polished standoffs, all of the hardware is black. The quality of the build quality is outstanding. The nuts are all the correct length, the parts are properly aligned, and the finishing work is superb. The carbon fibre is gently textured and has a faint sheen to it in the light. This handle is quite well-made.

Lockup And Deployment

Because this is a Zero Tolerance flipper designed by Dimitry Sinkevich, the flipping motion is exceptional. Every moment, the fulcrum is carefully calibrated for sharp, quick flipping motion.  A caged bearing arrangement is installed on the inside. It’s quite clean, and you can simply close it with a shake.

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