Importance Of Lactation Classes And Knowledge

Being a mother and giving birth to a child is not a very easy task. It may look easier from outside, but those who go through the process know all the troubles. There are many things to learn and keep in mind. Similarly, breastfeeding is something which is needed to be learned for both the new mother and the newborn. It never comes naturally.

There are a hell lot of complications like poor latches, sore nipples, and other dilemmas which can be easily avoided if taken proper steps and advice.

Now, who will give you the advice? Well, the lactation consultants are there for you. There are many lactation consultants in Mumbai if one is searching for them in that city. They are experienced and certified, and they will definitely guide you on how you and your newborn baby can easily avoid the complications that may appear.

Now the thing is, if you are facing a problem then you have to speak it up. Some may face an itching sensation on their nipples when they are expecting a baby.   But if you do not say that, then it can lead to a bigger problem later. If you are feeling awkward or embarrassing, you can say that directly to the consultant. In fact, there can be a problem of sleep deprivation as well.

Consult with your lactation specialist and listen carefully on what she/he prescribes. In fact, there are many lactation classes held, and one can enroll themselves in these classes and get an easy guide on how to breastfeed their baby. It is even better if you do not go alone but take along the new father as well.

Even they need to know the pros and cons and should take necessary actions if needed. Apart from breastfeeding classes, one can also buy several breastfeeding books, which are available both in stores and online and get various information from them. In fact, one can get some basic information like how to breastfeed and when to breastfeed and till when a baby needs breastfeeding and many more.

There are many working women who have a desire to become a mother. They have some additional things to know. In fact, they need to go back to their work when their maternity leave is over. Before going back to work, they need to prepare their baby for not having breastmilk for the entire day. So, the consultants say that at least before a week the mother should prepare a child with feeding bottles so that they can cope up with that.

The mother needs to pump up the milk in the bottle and keep it for their child when they are leaving home for work. One thing has to be remembered. The baby should get milk at least eight to twelve times a day. Whether the mother is at work or home, this number should not be less.

The mother can pump up two or three bottles with their breastmilk and keep in store at home for the baby until the time they are working outside. Once they are back, they can personally feed their babies again. Till then, the nanny must take care of the baby’s feeding.

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