High-Quality Mattress That You Should Consider For When Buying A New One!

For some people, who are looking for a proper mattress for their home, the nectar mattress is one of the top choices there is. The nectar is a well-known brand in bedding product, and you can easily find their best products from their retail stores as well as online.

There are different kinds of mattresses and other products which you can shop for from their website and rest assured that the nectar brand name is the one that you can thoroughly keep faith in.

Here we are going to give you a thorough idea about the nectar mattresses and the characteristics of these mattresses. Once you have a comprehensive idea about the characteristics that you can enjoy, you would be able to decide whether these mattresses are the perfect choice for your home.

The construction of the nectar mattress

The nectar mattress is constructed with compression of four different forms which are of different characteristics and altogether they can enhance your comfort level as you sleep by manifolds. The high quality of the mattress comes from this unique four layer construction pattern. The first layer which is the top layer is one inch thick and is called the comfort layer.

The cover above the layer is made from Tencel which has the best of both worlds from cotton and linen. The top layer is soft enough to give the user a perfectly comfortable resting base.

The second layer is the layer for supporting your weight. This is another 1-inch thick foam which is lined with cooling gel and hence can give a very comfortable layer for supporting your weight. This unique layer is majorly meant for pressure relief when you are lying down on the mattress.

The third layer of the foam is three inches thick, and it is like a transitional layer between the top half of the mattress and the bottom foundation of the mattress.  This foam is memory foam with a high-intensity core which adds to the durability of the mattress. This foam is very dense and good for pressure relief too.

The fourth and final layer is the foundation layer which is six inches thick and is similar to the memory foam layer that is there. The nectar mattress reviews can give you a proper detailing of the specifications of the mattress if you need them. The reviews also give you an honest opinion on whether this is the best option to invest in for you.


Different types of mattresses are available, but nectar is one of the best there is. The various features and specifications associated with the nectar mattress make it one of the best choices for some people. It is easy to buy as well from their website.


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