Few Home Tips To Get Rid Of Allergy

It’s high allergy season right now and millions of people are suffering from some of the worst allergies you can imagine. It’s mainly the pollen from the trees and the flowers that make things so bad, but it’s also the warmth that can add more allergens to the mix.

However, you can battle back and you can do it with natural remedies that won’t affect any other area of your health. The key when dealing with allergies is to control them because you are never going to fully get rid of them. Here are five ways you can do this form eating pollen to luxury bedding.

1. Buy Local Honey

It seems crazy, but this is one of the most effective things you can do. You have to make sure that you use local bee pollen and or local honey which you can easily find at your local health food store or some grocery stores too. The pollen is actually modules of bee pollen and it has many health benefits, one that is building up a small allergy tolerance.

If you can’t find bee pollen, get some local honey because it will essentially do the same thing. Honey won’t work as well as the pollen will, but it’s easier to find and it’s much easier to eat because pollen can be pretty intense.

2. Sleep On The Right Fabric

Get rid of your cotton bedding. Most people suffer from their allergies more during the night and it mainly comes down to the bedding that is being used to sleep on. Certain bedding fabrics like cotton actually act as a good environment for the bigger allergens that are in bedding like dust mites, microscopic molds, fungus and even more of that nasty stuff.

What you should do is use pure silk sheet sets. If you use real mulberry silk, you can be sure you won’t have to worry about allergens in your sheets because silk is hypoallergenic. You’re going to notice a huge difference in your breathing.

3. The Pillow and Comforter Matter Too

I told you, you’re the bed was a big part of the allergy control game. Getting a new pillow is also very important and can actually have a bigger positive impact than getting a new mattress. Make sure your actual pillow is hypoallergenic. A pure silk floss pillow and a Temperpedic are two really great options that you will love and that will help your allergies big time!

4. Get Your Nasal Passages Moving

This is going to be really strange, but tons of people swear by it. A netti pot can clean and clear out all of your nasal passageways. If you’ve never heard of a net pot, it’s a contraption where you’ll pour water into your nose and it comes out the other nostril. Along the way, it completely cleans you out which is a really good thing.

5. If It’s Not Enough The Drugs

It’s possible that your allergies are really really bad and nothing but some prescriptions from your doctor can do, so that is where you should turn. Try to say away from prescriptions if you can, but they are a good last resort.

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