Red, Irritated eyes after swimming in a pool isn’t caused by Chlorine

For many, a trip to the local swimming pool also results in bloodshot eyes, itchy eyes. So what’s the reason behind eye irritation?
It’s not the chlorine causing them to redden and sting.

Bloodshot eyes after swimming are not as a result of chlorine but in fact caused by urine contained in the pool, the CDC’s  has revealed.

It’s urine mixing with the chemicals. The nitrogen in the urine combines with the chlorine and it forms what’s known as chloramine and it’s actually chloramine that causes the red eyes. It’s chlorine mixed with poop and sweat and a lot of other things we bring into the water with us.

redness in eye

The problem may be worse in indoor swimming pools where there is a poor air turnover, resulting in these contaminants accumulating in the air. There is a common misconception that chlorine immediately gets rid of all the nasties that people swimming in a pool may have, But its Urine, not Chlorine.

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